Butler, Grundy, Hardin, and Franklin County Public S...
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We are here to serve the community its our greatest desire to help the friends and families of first responders to hear them responding to calls to better inform us all and the general public to help keep our community informed and aware...

If theres a problem with this feed please email me i will take care of it as fast as possible..


Broadcasting Butler, Grundy, Franklin, Hardin county scanner feeds from my home in Parkersburg, Iowa.

Local Ham radio Operator in Parkersburg, Joe Leto Callsign  W0IW  providing analog/digital feeds here..


If the feed is down please call Joe asap (515)-250-2108


Ackley Iowa Fire 154.355 Mhz
Ackley Iowa Lea 154.280 Mhz
Butler County Fire 159.345 Mhz
Butler County Fire 153.815 Mhz
Butler County Tactical 1 153.965 Mhz 
Butler County Tactical 2 158.925 Mhz
Butler County Tactical 3 156.015 Mhz 
Butler County EMS 155.175 Mhz
Butler County EMS 151.475 Mhz
Butler County Sheriff 158.790 Mhz
Butler County Sheriff 153.995 Mhz
Butler County City 155.055 Mhz
Butler County LEA 155.700 Mhz
Butler County Mutual Aid  155.475 Mhz
Butler County Mutual Aid 156.165 Mhz
Hardin County Sheriff 159.190 Mhz
Hardin County Sheriff 153.755 Mhz
Franklin County Fire 154.325 Mhz
Grundy Center Fire 154.175 Mhz
Grundy Center Tactical 1 154.085
Grundy Center Tactical 2 158.940
Grundy Center Tactical 3 154.340
Parkersburg Iowa 151.085 Mhz