Springfield and Greene County Fire Operations
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Springfield Fire Dept dispatch and Ops channels. Greene County Fire dispatch and surrounding departments. Greene County Wx Net

The following is some technical information about this scanner radio audio feed;

This is a sister feed to Springfield Police and Fire, Greene County Sheriff and Fire to provide active on-scene fire fighting operations.  We have split the fire operations into a separate feed to reduce the interruptions when monitoring active law enforcement activities.  Fire dispatch will still be included in both feeds, but the on-scene operations can be monitored here on this feed and will be removed from the Springfield Police and Fire, Greene County Sheriff and Fire feed.

MOSWIN 800 Mhz APCO P25 Phase 1 simulcast system.

  • Springfield Fire Dispatch
  • Springfield Fire Operations
  • Greene County Fire Dispatch
  • Greene County Fire Operations

Current talkgroup ID's include the following:

Springfield Fire Department

40126    Springfield Fire Dispatch 1
40127    Springfield Fire Dispatch 2
40101    Springfield Fire Ops 1
40102    Springfield Fire Ops 2
40103    Springfield Fire Ops 3
40104    Springfield Fire Ops 4
40105    Springfield Fire Ops 5
40106    Springfield Fire Ops 6
40107    Springfield Fire Ops 7
40108    Springfield Fire Ops 8
40109    Springfield Fire Ops 9
40110    Springfield Fire Ops 10
40111    Springfield Fire Ops 11
40112    Springfield Fire Ops 12

Greene County Fire

40751    County-Wide Fire Dispatch
40755    Greene County Fire Common
40751    County-Wide Fire Dispatch
40755    County-Wide Fire Common
40991    Ebenezer Fire
40820    Ash Grove Fire
40910    Battlefield Fire
40960    Billings Fire
40970    Bois D'Arc Fire
40980    Brookline Fire
40990    Ebenezer Fire
40850    Fair Grove Fire
41000    Logan-Rogersville Fire
40791    Republic Fire
40793    Republic Fireground 1
40794    Republic Fireground 2
40795    Republic Fireground 3
40930    Strafford Fire
40950    Walnut Grove Fire
40796    West Republic Fire
40880    Willard Fire

Greene County Weather Net

40015    Greene County Wx Net

Broadcasting from the Southwest corner of Springfield, Missouri using multiple USB SDR (Software Defined Radio) dongles connected to a HP SFF (small form factor) mini-computer with the Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4570S CPU @ 2.90GHz, streaming over a 1 gigabit fiber-optic internet connection to Broadcastify.com.  

If you have any difficulty in receiving this feed or with the audio and feel the need to submit a Problem Report, please provide your email address or other contact information so that I can provide assistance to you.

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