FRV, CFA Dispatch RMR and FG, IMC - South West Victoria
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Scanning FRV, CFA Dispatch Covering RMR Towers Warrnambool, Tower Hill. CFA District 5 Digital Dispatch, Incident Management Control, Fire Ground & Multi Agency Channels.

Scanning FRV, CFA Dispatch RMR and FG, IMC - South West Victoria,

RMR Site 004-098 Warrnambool CC - 168.0875Mhz,

RMR Site 003.088 Tower Hill CC - 166.4625Mhz,

FRV/CFA Channels RMR - CH505, CH311, CH325, CH358, CH362, CH570, CH571, CH572, CH573, CH574, CH575,CH576, CH600,

Multi Agency Channels RMR - CH3106, CH3107, CH3108, CH3109, CH3110, CH3112, CH3113

FireGround Channels CH261 - 161.05Mhz, CH262 - 161.0125Mhz, CH263 - 161.0375Mhz, CH339 - 161.025Mhz - When in Range and Use,

IMC Channels CH255 - 163.0Mhz CH326 - 163.5Mhz - When in Range and Use,

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Multiple RTL-SDR Dongles Feeding SDRTrunk

Home Made Di-Pole Antenna

Lenovo ThinkCentre M900 Tiny PC