SES Dispatch and CMD Channels - South West Victoria
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Scanning SES Dispatch Covering RMR Towers Warrnambool, Tower Hill. SES Zone 25 South West (Barwon South West) Digital Dispatch, Control, Local Command & Multi Agency Channels.

Scanning SES Dispatch and CMD Channels - South West Victoria,

RMR Site 004-098 Warrnambool CC - 168.0875Mhz,

RMR Site 003.088 Tower Hill CC - 166.4625Mhz,

SES Dispatch Channels RMR - CH2501, CH2502,

SES CMD Channels RMR - CH2510, CH2557, CH2562,

Multi Agency Channels RMR - CH3106, CH3107, CH3108, CH3109, CH3110, CH3112, CH3113

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