Tipton County Police, Fire, EMS and ISP
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This feed is broadcasting all of Tipton Indiana public safety talk groups on the Indiana Project Hoosier SAFE-T network. Tipton county uses an 80-xx prefix while the ISP uses a 16-xx prefix. You will hear both on this feed.

County Law Enforcement Dispatch, County Fire Dispatch, County Ops, 1,2,3.4.5.

ISP District 16 Dispatch and Ops 1,2,3. and Regional Mutal Aid Region E 1,2,3,4

These are the talk groups on this scanner feed. It is coming from the Tipton tower site of the Indiana Project Hoosier SAFE-T network. 

Tipton County units all use an 80-xx prefix 

Indiana State Police from the Peru District (that covers Tipton Co.) all use a 16-xx prefix on the radio.