Trumbull County Fire
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New PC hardware installed for reliability. Feed provided by Home Patrol-1 connected to a 30 ft high discone antenna

HEX  Mode  Alpha Tag Description Tag
46012 b3bc D 78 FD SW Fire Ops Southwest Fire-Tac
46019 b3c3 D 78 NFD DISP Niles Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
46023 b3c7 D 78 WFD DISP Warren Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
46024 b3c8 D 78 FD SE Fire Ops Southeast Fire-Tac
46027 b3cb D GIRARD FD Girard Fire and EMS Dispatch Fire Dispatch
46028 b3cc D 78 FD CENT Fire Ops Central Fire-Tac
46029 b3cd D 78 WFD TAC Warren Fire Tac Fire-Tac
46033 b3d1 D 78 FD NE Fire Ops Northeast Fire-Tac
46034 b3d2 D 78 FD NW Fire Ops Northwest Fire-Tac
46036 b3d4 D 78 FD DISP Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
46038 b3d6 D 78 LRDS FD Lordstown / Warren (twp) Fire Fire-Tac
46043 b3db D 78 FD ALERT Fire Alert Fire Dispatch
46052 b3e4 D FD78PG05 Lordstown / Warren Twp Fire Alert Fire Dispatch