Ingham County Fire and EMS
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All Ingham County Fire, 24/7/365. Facebook Group "Greater Lansing Area Scanner Scoop"

This feed consists of all Ingham County Fire talk groups, along with assisting EMS dispatches.

  • ‚Äč33INGFIRE Ingham County Fire Main: E Lansing, Meridian Twp, Delhi Twp, Mason, Dansville, Leslie, and Onondaga Twp.
  • 33FG1 Fireground 1
  • 33FG2 Fireground 233FG3 Fireground 3
  • 33FG4 Fireground 4
  • 33FG5 Fireground 5
  • 33PGNIE1 NIESA-Station 61
  • 33PGNIE2 NIESA-Station 62
  • 33NIAPAGE NIESA Ambulance Pager
  • 33SAESAPG SAESA Ambulance pager
  • 33MMREPAGE MMR Ambulance Page