Traverse Bay Area Public Safety
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Grand Traverse, Leelanau, Kalkaska, Antrim, Benzie, Wexford County. Police, Fire, EMS. High Quality Audio Feed from SDRTrunk, Receiving 5 Towers. Leland, Leelanau, Traverse City, South Boardman, and Rapid City.

28P911 Grand Traverse Police Dispatch 

28FE911 Grand Traverse Fire/EMS Dispatch

781P911 Traverse City Police Dispatch

781TCFD Traverse City Fire Dispatch

45P911 Leelanau Police Dispatch

45FE911 Leelanau Fire / EMS Dispatch

05P911 Antrim County Police Dispatch

05FE911 Antrim County Fire / EMS Dispatch

40P911 Kalkaska County Police Dispatch

40FE911 Kalkaska County Fire / EMS Dispatch

10P911 Benzie County Police Dispatch

10FE911 Benzie County Fire / EMS Dispatch


And whatever other public safety is heard by the receiver.

SDRTrunk V0.5.0 Alpha 3

2x NESDR Nano RTL-SDRs into a 700/800 MHz Motorola Colinear Antenna

Pulling from Leland, Leelanau (Bugai Road), River Rd Central, South Boardman, And Rapid City Tower. (Soon Adding Empire and Atwood Towers)