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Luzerne County  Pa Fire South P25 simulcast.

Fire South TG 1002

Fire Ops 1 TG 1008

Fire Ops 2 TG 1009

Fire Ops 3 TG 1010

Fire Ops 4 TG 1011

Fire Ops 5 TG 1012

Fire Ops 6 TG 1013

Fire Ops 7 TG 1014

Fire Ops 8 TG 1015

This includes lower Luzerne County Fire South TG and tactical TG's. No dispatch or EMS or Pd. This includes Hazleton, Hazle Twp. West Hazleton, Freeland, Foster Twp. Sugarloaf, Valley Regional, Harwood, White Haven, Dennison and areas around Mountaintop.