NS Lehigh Valley Area Radio Feed
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The NS Lehigh Valley Area Radio Feed is bought to you by the Lehigh and Keystone Valley Model Railroad Museum.

Check out the current open house schedule to come and see the premier model railroad layout of the lehigh valley:

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This feed is located at the Lehigh and Keystone Valley Model Railroad Museum in Bethlehem, PA, hosted above the NS Allentown and River Yards and adjacent to the NS Lehigh Line. The NS Lehigh Line is Norfolk Southern’s portal for freight traffic to the eastern ports of New Jersey. The line sees about 20-30 trains daily with a majority being intermodal traffic. On this feed you will hear traffic along the NS Lehigh, Upper Lehigh, and Reading Lines; Allentown and River Yards; Cement and C&F Secondaries; LVRM operations; and RJ Corman’s Allentown Lines operations.

Many locals can be heard traversing nearby in between road trains and yard communications. H75 can be heard on the Cement Secondary, H65 can be heard regularly working River Yard and doing oddball work nearby, H71 nightly can be heard getting track authority at JU, H66 can be picked up heading for its nightly run up the Upper Lehigh are a few among the many. The nearest defect detector that can be heard is EN MP 91.3 along the Valley Hole.

Below is the current approximate coverage of the feed:

  • NS Lehigh and Reading Lines – AAR 064 – 161.070
    • Approx. RV MP 32 to LE MP 85
  • NS Upper Lehigh Line – AAR 046 – 160.800
    • Approx. LB MP 88.2 (Allen) to LB MP 91.9 (Caty)
  • NS Allentown Yard – AAR 009 – 160.245
  • NS Cement Secondary – AAR 046 – 160.800
    • Approx. SE MP 0.0 (JU) to SE MP 5.5
  • NS C&F Secondary – AAR 058 – 160.980
    • Approx. FJ MP 8.5 (Chapman Yard) to FJ MP 2.5
  • LVRM – AAR 007 – 160.215
  • RJ Corman RJCN Allentown Lines – AAR 049 – 160.845

Current NS Lehigh Line train symbols- https://bit.ly/3TboZAh

Hosted by: Joe Malson (KD2WJI)

Also check out the sister feeds ‘NS Lehigh Line Radio Feed’ and ‘NS Reading Line Radio Feed’ available on broadcastify and your favorite broadcastify listening apps! Feed news, updates, and info can be found at https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100087123673260.

Feed Dedicated in Memory of Tracey D. Friz