CRHRC Amateur Radio Repeater System
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Cross Roads Ham Radio Club Linked Repeater System, includes: Edna, TX: 145.330, Edna, TX: 444.500, Louise, TX: 147.290, Louise, TX: 444.925, Pasadena, TX: 443.375, Port Arthur, TX: 444.925, Port O'Connor, TX: 444.650, Sugarland, TX: 147.240, more

Location Frequency
Edna, TX (VHF) 145.330
Edna, TX (UHF) 444.500
Louise, TX (VHF) 147.290
Louise, TX (UHF) 444.925
Pasadena, TX 443.375
Port Arthur, TX 444.925
Port O'Connor, TX 444.650
Sugarland, TX 147.240
Sweet Home, TX 442.050
Wharton, TX 145.340

CRHRC Allstar Node 28538 Repeater Stream