North Bay Ontario Railways
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North Bay, Ontario is a railway hub with three intersecting railways - Ontario Northland, Candian National (CN), and Ottawa Valley Railway (OVR). My scanner is broadcasting the following channels:

Ontario Northland Railway
160.545 - ONR Operations/Mainline

Canadian National Railway
160.665 - CN Mainline Channel 1

Ottawa Valley Railway
161.175 - OVR CP 13 Mainline
160.215 - OVR CP 04 Mainline
452.9375 - EOT Device - North Bay Sub
457.9375 - EOT Device - North Bay Sub

The scanner is located in close proximity to MP104.22 North Bay Sub and will pick up EOT transmissions from passing Ottawa Valley Railway trains. It will also occasionally pick up the hotbox detector at MP100.9

Mainline traffic from all three railways is a much higher power broadcast, regularly picking up train clearances and movements, MoW crews, and other RTC conversations.