Union Pacific Railroad - Chicago
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UP: Geneva, Harvard, Kenosha, Milwaukee, & Villa Grove Subs

This feed is located on the north side of Chicago and primarily covers the south ends of Union Pacific's Harvard, Kenosha, and Milwaukee Subs.  


Frequencies Always Monitored:

161.310 MHz - UP Harvard Sub (south end).

161.040 MHz - UP Kenosha and Milwaukee Subs (south end).

160.485 MHz - UP Milwaukee Sub (Dispatcher towers only).


Frequencies Sometimes Monitored (Feedback Appreciated):

160.890 MHz - UP Geneva Sub.

160.410 MHz - UP Villa Grove Sub.


The radio equipment is located indoors on the top floor of a multifloor building.  Radio is a Uniden BCT-15X paired with a TrainTenna Blade Indoor Antenna.  Broadcast uses Audio Hijack for Mac.