Clark County Public Safety
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Clark County Ohio Fire, EMS & Law

Clark County Fire & EMS

12RDCFIRE - 12FDEAPG - 12FDWEPG - 12FDTC13 - 12FDTC14 - 12FDTC15 - 12FDTC16 - 12FDTAC17

Clark County Sheriff


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I don't know why the City of Springfield feeds drop out sometimes as they are on the same scan list and share the same radio system as the county. I don't get compensated for the the feed and I do this of my own free will. I may remove the Springfield talk groups because of the complaints and I have little use for the City of Springfield Commisioners and City Manager anyways. If you are a Springfield resident, you should contact your local officials and tell them to stop destroying the townships with annexation.