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(((Stereo Feed))) Left = Colorado State DTRS (Abajo Peak site) *** Right = All other frequencies. Includes Dove Creek Fire and EMS, Montezuma County SO and EMS, San Jaun County (Utah) SO and EMS, and SE Utah Highway Patrol.

This feed covers Dolores County Colorado, Montezuma County Colorado (sometimes), and San Juan County Utah. This feed is prioritized for Dolores County, CSP, and San Juan County, as I provide another feed that focuses on Montezuma County (

This is a stereo feed using ScannerCast, with the Abajo Peak site of the Colorado State DTRS (800MHz APCO-25 Digital Statewide) in the left channel, and all other frequencies in the right channel. The digital system is being run by 2 Pro-197 scanners and utilizing Pro96Com as a controller, encryption filter, and prioritizer. The right channel is using a third Pro-197 scanner.

Here's a mostly complete list of the local agencies that you'll be able to hear on this feed: (Also some help with identifying units and such)

DOLORES COUNTY, COLORADO: (Dispatch = Dove Creek during the day, units use Montezuma SO channel at night with Cortez dispatch)
Dolores County Sheriff (Dolores County 1, Dolores County 2, etc)
Dove Creek Fire (Unit #'s beginning with a 6, i.e. Brush 62 or Fire 600)
Dove Creek Ambulance (Medic 1 & 2)
Rico Fire & Rescue (Unit numbers beginning with 9)


Cortez City Police (Unit numbers beginning in "Lobo" or "S")
Montezuma County Sheriff (Unit numbers beginning with "MC" in the 100's, 200's, 300's, or 400's)
Mancos Marshal (Mancos 1, Mancos 2, etc) (Dispatched by Cortez on Montezuma SO)
Cortez Fire & Rescue (Unit numbers beginning with 1)
Mancos Fire & Rescue (Unit numbers beginning with 3)
Lewis-Arriola Fire & Rescue (Unit numbers beginning with 4)
Pleasant View Fire & Rescue (Unit numbers beginning with 5)
Dolores Fire & Rescue (Unit numbers beginning with 8)
Southwest Ambulance (Medic units)

Colorado State Patrol (mainly 5A, but also 5C & others) (5A Dispatch = Usually Montrose, Sometimes Alamosa)
Utah Highway Patrol, SE section (Dispatch = Price, numeric unit numbers) (Now on both VHF and 800)
Colorado Division of Wildlife (Dispatched on CSP 5A)
Colorado Department of Transportation (Snowplows) (Alphanumeric unit numbers, like 3J3 or 3J20-01)
US Bureau of Land Management (Dispatched on CSP 5A)
US Forest Service (Dispatched on CSP 5A)
Parks - Mesa Verde, Hovenweep, Arches, Canyonlands, Natural Bridges

SAN JUAN COUNTY, UTAH: (Dispatch = San Juan)
San Juan County Sheriff (Unit numbers under 35 beginning with 1Z, 2Z, and 3Z, ie 1Z12 or 3Z30 )
San Juan County EMS (High 1Z numbers, mainly in the 500's, ie 1Z502)
Monticello Ambulance, Fire, & Rescue
Blanding Ambulance, Fire, & Rescue
Bluff Ambulance, Fire, & Rescue
Montezuma Creek Ambulance, Fire, & Rescue
La Sal Fire & Rescue

There is a wide variety of other agencies that come and go on the digital system, but the prioritization through Pro96Com allows those non-local groups to only be active when there is no local traffic. Also note that many of the local agencies use BOTH VHF and 800 digital.

Current antenna configuration is as follows: The 800MHz digital system is currently using a 12 element 850MHz tuned Yagi antenna, with an Antronix ARA4-8 drop-amp/splitter, and the other scanner is using a Antennacraft Scantenna.

On occasion, especially during major local events (fires, accidents, severe weather), the scanners will get locked on a single channel for better monitoring of the ongoing event.

Please feel free to message me with comments or questions about this feed.