K3HT 145.330 Shawsville, MD
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Wide coverage amateur repeater in central Maryland.

This is the K3HT repeater in Shawsville, Maryland on 145.330. This is a wide area repeater offering coverage for the I-95 north/south corridor through central Maryland. It can be heard from Newark, Delaware to Alexandria, Virginia, and farther when conditions are right. The repeater currently has three receive sites. The transmitter is near the Pennsylvania line sending out about 230 watts. There is no PL tone on the system at this time. Tropo openings can cause weird stuff to be heard on occasion. Delay to you can be 1 minute to 3 minutes from real time depending on multiple factors.
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Daily nets - There are nets every day at 0900 and 1830 US eastern time. ( -5 winter/ -4 summer from UTC)