Collingwood & Wasaga Beach Area Fire & Police
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Collingwood & Blue Mountains OPP, Huronia West OPP, Blue Mountain Fire, Clearview Fire, Collingwood Fire Department, Springwater Fire & Wasaga Beach Fire ***Late nights may have other surrounding OPP broadcasting as well*

​Collingwood & Blue Mountains OPP (1OPS31 -1 Oscar)

Huronia West OPP (1OPS33 - 1 Hotel)

Blue Mountain Fire Services (Dispatch & Trucks)

Clearview Fire & Emergency Services (Dispatch - Pageouts & DMR System - Trucks)

Collingwood Fire Department (DMR System - Dispatch & Trucks)

Springwater Township Fire & Emergency Services (DMR System - Dispatch & Trucks)

Wasaga Beach Fire Department (DMR System - Dispatch & Trucks)