Wright County Public Safety
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Wright County, MN - Sheriff, Fire, EMS & State Patrol 2600.

Main DispatchFire Dispatch, Allina Dispatch, State Patrol District 2600 (St. Cloud)

Wright County is scheduled to go Encrypted soon, do not have an exact date.


Law Enforcement Unit IDs

Area Cars:
2100 Northwest Area
3100 Northeast Area
4100 Southeast Area
5100 Southwest Area
6100 South Area
7100 West Area

Unit Cars:
2200 Maple Lake 
2300 Annandale
2400 South Haven 
2500 Clearwater 
3200 Monticello 
3300 Otsego 
3400 Albertville 
3500 St. Michael 
4200 Rockford 
4300 Hannover
4400 Buffalo
4500 Delano
4600 Montrose/Waverly 
5200 Waverly/Montrose 
5300 Howard Lake
5400 Cokato
Code 4 - No further assistance necessary, situation under control.
CDP - Criminal damage to property or acts as a catch-all for property damage crimes in Minnesota, aside from arson.
CFS - Call for Service is an event that requires an officer to be dispatched to a location to handle or resolve an incident, crime or offense.
DOA - Dead on Arrival is a term used to indicate that a patient was found to be dead upon the arrival of professional medical assistance.
ME - The Medical Examiner investigates all unexpected deaths to determine how and why a person has died.
VOR - Vehicle off the roadway.

Stations Included: Wright LE1, Wright EMS 1, Wright Fire Dispatch, WR Allina Dispatch, State Patrol 2600 & EMS Centracare Monticello.

There will be times that additional stations will be streaming depending on what is happening in the area.
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