Wright County Public Safety
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Wright County, MN - Sheriff, Fire & EMS

Wright County Main Dispatch, Fire Dispatch & EMS

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Maintenance on hardware this coming weekend (12/9), downtime may be required.


Law Enforcement Unit IDs

Area Cars:
2100 Northwest Area
3100 Northeast Area
4100 Southeast Area
5100 Southwest Area
6100 South Area
7100 West Area

Unit Cars:
2200 Maple Lake 
2300 Annandale
2400 South Haven 
2500 Clearwater 
3200 Monticello 
3300 Otsego 
3400 Albertville 
3500 St. Michael 
4200 Rockford 
4300 Hannover
4400 Buffalo
4500 Delano
4600 Montrose/Waverly 
5200 Waverly/Montrose 
5300 Howard Lake
5400 Cokato
CFS - A Call for Service (CFS) is typically defined by an event that requires an officer to be dispatched to a location to handle or resolve an incident, crime or offense.
CDP - Criminal Damage to Property - Aside from arson, criminal damage to property acts as a catch-all for property damage crimes in Minnesota.
DOA - Dead on Arrival - Dead on arrival or DOA is a term used to indicate that a patient was found to be dead upon the arrival of professional medical assistance.
 Full list provided by Radio Reference -> here
 Confused by the 10 codes? Learn them -> here


Frequently Asked Questions:

 Q: What are the numbers after each sentence? 
 A: That is a timestamp in military time for their records.
 Q: What are those loud tones on the Fire Dispatch? 
 A: Wright County uses pagers that respond to a specific series of tones to dispatch Fire/EMS units. 
 Q: How do I listen on my own scanner?
 A: You can only listen to 154.325mhz (Fire Dispatch) if you do not have an Apco 25 capable digital scanner. 
 Q: Why are you only broadcasting a few channels? Doesn't Wright County have more? 
 A: Wright does have a lot of channels but due to criminal activity and privacy I do not broadcast tactical channels nor any jail traffic. 
 Q: I missed something, is there a way to go back and listen to previous feeds? 
 A: This feed is recorded 24/7 and if you are a premium subscriber on RadioReference you have access to our archives.

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