Monroe County Fire/EMS Dispatch
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Monroe County Ohio UHF Fire/EMS Dispatch

Dispatch and limited operational communications--post dispatch communications on Ohio MARCS

Lewisville/Sykes Ridge Tower                    453.750

Beallsville(20)/Woodsfield(40)/Lewisville(70) Fire, EMS Squad 4/2

Beallsville Fire and EMS Sqaud 2 Dispatched from Belmont County as well

Antioch Tower                                          460.225

Antioch Fire(10), Antioch EMS (Squad 1)

Kiedaisch Point Tower                              453.5875

Clarington Fire(30), Clarington EMS (Squad 3)

Sardis Tower                                            453.6000

Sardis Fire(50), Sardis EMS (Squad 5)

Bethel Tower                                           453.6625

Bethel/Graysville Fire, Bethel/Graysville EMS (Squad 6)

New Matamoras (Washington County)      453.025

Matamoras EMS (Matamoras Sqaud)

Fire Ground 1                                         453.0375

Fire Ground 2                                         458.0375

EMA                                                     453.4250