Snohomish County Sheriff South
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Snohomish County Sheriff Office
West Simulcast

Talk Group ID: 1648 - S SCSO DISP 
Frequencies: 853.3375, 852.9375, 857.1625

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Boy Normal Patrol assigned to a sector
Charles Normal Patrol assigned to a sector
David Normal Patrol assigned to a sector
Edward Normal Patrol assigned to a sector
Frank Normal Patrol assigned to a sector
Geroge Normal Patrol assigned to a sector
Henry Normal Patrol assigned to a sector
DIVE Deputy that responds to dive call outs. e.g. Water rescues
Ida Detectives / Investigators
John Jail officers. Often transport prisoners from one facility to another. john99 is
sometimes heard and is the SCSO "paddywagon"
K9 Canine trained deputies with tracking or drug sniffing doggies
Mounted Horseback Patrols
Nora Animal Control
Ocean Gang unit or off duty deputy working detail such as hired security. Possibly also NARC officers
Paul Work the county parks
Robert Snohomish County Search and Rescue
Sam Sergeant in charge of the patrol units
SnoCat Multi agency team dedicated to investigating auto theft
SnoHawk SCSO and Search & Rescue Helicopter
Tom Traffic enforcement patrols (includes motorcycle units)
Transit Dedicated to Park & Rides and public transportation used in the county
Union Special Emphasis patrols. Such as the X52 campaign
Victor Reserve Deputy and public volunteers
William Watch Commander. Likely a Captain or Lieutenant
Xray Work at the Snohomish County Court House and sometimes in the field. Referred to as Marshalls
Young Deputy assigned to Paine Field airport
Zebra The SWAT/ERT team. Zebra1 is a Special Ops Lieutenant.
Marine The SCSO marine boat

SCSO 10-Codes:

10-4 Received
10-6 Are you alone/can anybody else hear your radio ?
10-8 In service
10-9 Repeat
10-10 Out of service
10-15 Person in custody
10-19 Return to station or precinct
10-21 Phone call
10-22 Disregard
10-28 Check plate
10-33 Warrant
10-33F Felony warrant
10-33M Misdemeanor Warrant
10-44 Let's meet up
10-47 Arrived
10-62 Status
10-98 Mentally unstable person

SCSO Response Codes:

Code 1 No Lights or Sirens/Non-Emergency
Code 2 Request Immediate Backup within jurisdictions (Lights and/or Sirens Response)
Code 3 Officer Needs Assistance from any jurisdictions (State/County/Another City Closeby). This is a call where an officer is "about to die" in a life-threatening situation.
Code 4 Status OK







Clearing Codes:

A Assistance on scene
B Assistance by telephone
C Civil
CAN Canceled
D Backup Unit
E Taken home/facility
F Field interview
G Gone on arrival
H Report
I Citation
J Booking
K Booking and Citation
L Report taken by phone
M Follow up required
N Follow up arrest
O Follow up citation
P Patrol Information
Q Citation/Case #
R Referred
S False Alarm
T Traffic ticket
U Unfounded/Uknown
V Miscellaneous report
W Warning
X Mail in report
Y (presently not used)
Z Limited response / Emergency operations