K7LLZ Amateur Radio Simplex 439.4125 MHz
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This is a stream of amateur radio traffic that passes through a Raspberry Pi-based simplex node operated by K7LLZ in Seattle, WA, USA (CN87uo). It's frequently connected to PSRG, the WIN System, and other internet-linked amateur radio systems.

This broadcast is a stream of amateur radio traffic that passes through a ClearNode Raspberry Pi-based simplex node operated by K7LLZ. It's frequently connected to the Puget Sound Repeater Group in Washington state, the WIN System in California, and other internet-linked amateur radio networks using AllStar, Echolink, and some digital modes. Audio is on a slight delay.

The node is located in Seattle, Washington, USA (grid square CN87uo) and operates on 439.4125 MHz FM.

Why don't I hear any audio?

There are several reasons you might not hear audio on this feed, even when it's online. The most likely reason is that the node is simply not connected to an active network. Even when connected, sometimes there's just no traffic on amateur systems! The node also regularly reboots for updates and routine maintenance.