Pioneer Valley Fire Departments
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This feed provides fire department coverage for the "Pioneer Valley" region of MA, essentially the counties that boarder the Connecticut River. Counties covered are: Hampden, Hampshire, Franklin Counties. The goal of this feed is to provide initial notification, and then you can find a more localized feed to better listen to an incident. NOT included on this feed are departments using digital radio systems, such as Springfield, Longmeadow/ East Longmeadow, Holyoke, West Springfield, Chicopee. Operations/ firegrounds/ tac channels are also not included. ALso, Some towns I cannot receive or have weak signals so they may not be included (such as Easthampton, Southampton)

C-8 Dispatch is the regional dispatch for Brimfield, Holland, Wales and several small towns in Western Worcester County. There are feeds elsewhere for the operations side, so this feed only features the alert tones for these towns. 

East Longmeadow is alert tones only, so you would have to switch to a local feed.