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The Superstition Amateur Radio Club has something for everyone - whatever your amateur radio interests are, you will find someone in the club to exchange ideas with, learn from, and or teach someone something new. Whether you want to learn CW (Morse code)

Superstition Amateur Radio Club 449.600 Stone Castle / East Mesa Repeater. Feed provided by Chris Angell (KJ7ZQP)

Linked full time between the 147.120, 449.600, Echo Link WB7TJD-L (node number 308770), and AllStar Node 52987. These repeaters are for FM Analog Only.


--- Known Nets---

Times are in Phoenix Arizona Timezone.

Morning Drive Time Trivia Net:
Monday - Friday 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM

Weekly Club Net:
Wednesday at 8:00 PM


--- Special Events---

On occasion our repeaters are loaned out to other entities for use for special events. Here are some recent and upcoming special events.

02/19/2022 - 02/20/2022 = Lost Dutchman Marathon

02/12/2022 =  Mesa, AZ CERT Team