American Medical Response - Santa Clarita
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Coverage of the AMR Santa Clarita Valley Division dispatch frequency also known as Green 2.

AMR LA County Dispatch is located in lancaster, California and operates on two different channels. Green 1 (Antelope Valley) and Green 2 (Santa Clarita Valley). Units change channels when crossing Crown Valley Road on the 14 Freeway in Acton to advise dispatch they are in the area.

24 hour station units are numbered in conjunction with their respective station number i.e. Station 204 has units 241 and 242 and station 203 has units 231 and 232. Station units ending in 2 (242,232,etc) start at 0600 and units ending in 1 (241,231,etc) start at 0700

"Roaming / Deuce cars" are 12 and 8 hour units are typically additional support in both areas and include North Hollywood

Units starting with 1 (111,112, etc) are in the Antelope Valley

Units starting with 2 (241, 242, etc) are in the Santa Clarita Valley

Supervisors are EMS 1 in the Antelope Valley and EMS 2 in the Santa Clarita Valley (previously known as SAM 1 and 2)