Hawaii County Public Safety - West Hawaii
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Hawaii County Public Safety - West Hawaii (Kohala, Kona, Ka'ū)

County of Hawaii P25 Public Safety System - West Hawaii

Location: Kailua-Kona, HI (Elevation: 335 ft)

Equipment in Use: Whistler TRX - 2 with Spider Base Discone Antenna

Hawaii Fire Department (Includes EMS and Ocean Safety) - West Hawaii Districts: 

  1. Kona (North and South)

  2. Kohala (North and South)

  3. Ka'ū*  

Hawaii Police Department - Area II Districts Covered:

  1. Kona (includes North and South)

  2. South Kohala

  3. North Kohala

  4. Ka'ū*

* Both HFD and HPD Ka’u talkgroups can be heard also on the East Hawaii Scanner Feed as well. Periodically HPD talkgroups are heard more on East Hawaii Scanner Feed due to radio coverage and location of officers. 

Broadcaster Notes to All Listeners: 

  • This scanner feed will go offline on the 2nd Wednesday of each month from 11:00 pm to 12:00 am for regular equipment feed maintenance. 

  • Should the event of a power & internet outage, the scanner may remain offline for a prolonged amount of time until a troubleshooter can restore power and reconnect the scanner back to the online server. We ask for the public’s patience, should that situation arise. 

  • All Police Tactical, Car-to-Car, SWAT, and Detective Talkgroups/Channels have been locked out in accordance/compliance with Broadcastify Terms of Service (TOS). None of these channels will be unlocked under any circumstances. 

  • During events of police situations (such as manhunts, hostage, a missing person, and other police sensitive situations): DO NOT tweet or post police movements during that period to protect the first responders at the scene or responding to the scene. Should a discovery of such posts or tweets on any social media platform be found, we reserve the right to take our feed or take the channel offline, to help protect our first responders and potential victims at the scene as well. We will bring the feed online again once the situation is declared over. 

  • Information (such as a person's name, license #, license plates) disclosed during any police and fire incidents are also considered sensitive and ask the public not to tweet or post such information on any platform of social media. Should a discovery of such posts or tweets on any social media platform are found, we reserve the right to take our feed or the channel offline.

    •  *This rule also applies to juveniles (children under the age of 18).*

  • During events of serious, critical, or fatal incidents (including vehicle accidents, rescues, medical, and public incidents): Please DO NOT tweet or post moment by moment events happening at the scene or information related to that incident (including graphic details) on any platform of social media and ask everyone to be sensitive to the situation that is ongoing and to the potential victims at the scene. This will ensure the affected families are properly notified of the incident by authorities. Should a discovery of such posts or tweets on any social media platform are found, we reserve the right to take our feed offline or lockout that channel, this will help protect the potential victims at the scene and again ensure proper notification is made. We will bring the feed or channel online again once the situation is declared over.


West Hawaii - HPD Talkgroups monitored: 

6106: HI PD South Kohala 

6107: HI PD North Kohala

6108: HI PD Kona (includes districts of North and South Kona)

6109: HI PD Ka'u 

All Tactical and Special Operations Channels have been locked out in conformance with Broadcastify Terms-Of-Service (TOS) Policies. 


West Hawaii Police Units/Districts (Area II)

- South Kohala District 4: 400 Units

- North Kohala District 5: 500 Units

- Kona District (North and South) District 6: 600 Units

- Ka'u District 7: 700 Units


Hawaii Police Department - Radio 10-Codes

10-1 Return to Station

10-2 Call by Phone

10-3 Meet Officer

10-4 Acknowledge

10-5 Location

10-6 Repeat Message

10-7 Arrival at Scene

10-8 Back in Service

10-9 Out of Service

10-10 EMS/Medics Requested

10-11 Fast Response Needed

10-12 Lavatory

10-13 Call Home

10-14 Meal

10-15 Officer in Trouble

10-16 Prisoner/Subject in Custody/Transport (Mileage Given)

10-17 Direct Traffic

10-18 Test Signal/Officer Signing On

10-19 Traffic Accident

10-27 Drivers License Check

10-28 License Plate Check

10-44 Suspect Left Scene

10-92 Parking Violation

10-96 Mental Subject

10-99 Bomb Threat


West Hawaii HFD Talkgroups monitored: 

6503: HI FD Kohala - 1

6504: HI FD Kona - 1

6505: HI FD Ka'u - 1* 

 *HFD Dispatch is patched to all HFD talkgroups from HI FD Ka'u - 1, will show when calls are toned out. 

6508: HI FD Chopper - East* 

6509: HI FD Chopper - West* 

 *HFD Choppers radios are patched to these talkgroups during operations involving the use of Choppers. Rescue Operations involving Chopper are patched into Special Operations Talkgroups. 

6517: HI FD Special Ops - East

6518: HI FD Special Ops - West 

 *Special Operations Talkgroups are used during all search and rescue operations incidents. All HFD Units responding are patched into this channel from their designated district talkgroups.


West Hawaii Fire Stations (Battalion 2)

- Station 9 - Waimea

- Station 14 - South Kohala

- Station 15 - North Kohala

- Station 16 - Waikoloa 

- Station 21 - Makalei 

- Station 7 - Kailua (Kona)

- Station 12 - Keauhou

- Station 6 - Captain Cook

- Station 20 - Hawaiian Ocean View Estates (HOVE - Ka'ū)

- Station 11-A - Na'alehu (Ka'ū)

- Station 11 - Pahala (Ka'ū)


Hawaii Fire Department - Radio Codes

HFD no longer uses 10-codes and has since gone to using plain language for radio communications. However, 10-Codes are occasionally used from time to time. (See old 10-Codes list used by HFD prior to the switch to plain language). 

10-0 Off-Vehicle/Unavailable by Radio

10-1 Responding

10-2 On Scene

10-3 Returning to Quarters

10-4 Acknowledge

10-5 Back in Quarters

10-6 Situation/Incident Report

10-7 Standing By

10-8 Call by Phone 

10-9 Repeat

10-10 Transporting Patient (EMS)

10-11 Transporting DOA/Coroners (EMS) 

10-X Unit Available by Radio

10-Y Unit Available by Phone


Hawaii Fire Department - EMS Transport Codes

- Alpha: Good/Fair Condition

- Bravo: Serious Condition

- Charlie: Critical Condition

- Delta: Deceased (Dead on Arrival; DOA)


West Hawaii Lifeguard Fire Stations

- Station 8 - Punalu'u Black Sand Beach

- Station 21 - Kahalu'u Beach Park (North and South Towers)

- Station 22 - La'aloa (Magics) Beach Park

- Station 26 - Kua Bay (Maniniowali Beach)

- Station 29 - Hapuna Beach State Park (North, South, and Alpha Towers - Includes Jet Ski 2)

- Station 30 - Spencer Beach Park


West Hawaii Hospitals: 

- Kohala Hospital (North Kohala)

- North Hawaii Community Hospital (Waimea - South Kohala)

- Kona Community Hospital