St. Mary's County Amateur Radio Repeaters
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Ham Radio Repeaters Located Throughout Maryland, HEARD from St. Mary's County

This Feed is from Amateur Radio Repeaters HEARD from St. Mary's County With A VERY Basic Setup. These Repeaters are located in Multiple Different Counties in Maryland and Virginia.

Currently Monitoring 
Montross 146.895,
Barstow (Prince Fredrick) 145.350,
Hollywood 147.195
, &
Sunderland 146.895


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It can monitor 4 frequencies at a time, or scan a bank of channels.

I plan to try to switch to whichever Repeater has a net on, so tune in at 7:30 or 8:00PM Est and see what you might hear.

Including but not Limited to, 

147.390   145.390   443.050   147.195   146.64   146.895    145.350    444.950

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