Ellis County KHP Troop D
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Scanner: RTL-SDR using SDRTrunk program

This feed is intended to be for educational purposes only and on 24/7. This feed is not ran on a long lasting power backup - so when the feed is out, the feed is out. PC restarts will be attempted to hold out until19:00(7:00PM) when required.

Check the other Ellis county Law Enforcement, Fire & EMS feed out as that feed provides longer equipment uptime in the event you wish to listen to Ellis county.

Scanning the Hays, KS KDOT tower using frequencies: 851.225, 851.975c, 852.3625a, 852.550, 852.875, 853.225, 853.550, 853.825

Scanning the Ellis, KS KDOT tower using frequencies: 851.600, 852.3125c, 852.6125a, 852.9375, 853.1875, 853.650


Regular Dispatch Talkgroups:

1258 KHP Troop D | D-1 Dispatch 1

1259 KHP Troop D | D-2 Dispatch 2

Special Event Talkgroups:

1260 KHP Troop D | D-Event 1

1263 KHP Troop D | D-Event 2

1262 KHP Troop D | D-Event 3


*KHP Troop D-1 (monitored) covers counties: Norton, Phillips, Smith, Graham, Rooks, Osborne, Trego, Ellis and Russell

*KHP Troop D-2 (monitored) covers counties: Cheyenne, Rawlins, Decatur, Sherman, Thomas, Sheridan, Wallace, Logan and Gove

The event channels are activated if a scene permits it to be activated. The event channels will be patched with Dispatch channels and will occasionally involve other law enforcement agencies.