WX5OKC 145.4100 MHz Repeater
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Linked to the KB5LLI (147.045MHz) system in south-west and south-central Oklahoma.

This feed provides the WX5OKC (145.410MHz) amateur radio audio. This repeater is located in south Oklahoma City and is used primarily for severe weather operations. It is linked to north-central Oklahoma (Stillwater) during severe weather in that area. It can also be linked to the KB5LLI (147.045MHz) system in south-west and south-central Oklahoma. The computer providing the feed is a Dell Optiplex running Windows 7 64 bit OS. The encoder is Microsoft Media Encoder 64 bit and the scanner is a Radio Shack handy. The entire system is on UPS, which holds it for about 30-60 minutes. The scanner is always on the 145.410MHz repeater, no other frequencies are scanned. The system is usually quiet, but gets active during severe weather. A NOAA Weather Radio is attached to the repeater controller and will alarm if a watch or warning is issued. Additionally, it will alarm for the Wednesday noon and evening test. The NWR is disabled during severe weather and noted when the CW 'W' is used for the courtesy tone. WX5OUN is the Norman NWS Forecast Office and is the primary source for RADAR data and other weather information.