Bethlehem Police and Albany County Sheriff
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Including Bethlehem Fire & EMS and Albany County Fire with OPS

Albany County Simulcast APCO-25

Talk Group Description Priority
10003 Albany County Sheriff 2nd
10702 Albany County Fire  
10723 AC Fire OPS3  
10724 AC Fire OPS4  
10725 AC Fire OPS5  
10726 AC Fire OPS6  
10727 AC Fire OPS7  
10728 AC Fire OPS8  
10729 AC Fire OPS9  
10921 Bethlehem Police 1st
10925 Bethlehem EMS  
10927 Bethlehem Fire Dispatch  
10928 Bethlehem Fire 1  
10929 Bethleham Fire 2  
11721 AC Fire OPS1  
11722 AC Fire OPS2  

Software defined radio ultilizing:

  • Raspberry Pi 3B, headless (Raspberry Pi OS Lite)
  • OP25 (P25 software)
  • RTL-SDR (USB dongle)
  • 4 Element yagi (indoor)
  • DarkIce (streaming software)

There is ~2 minute latency

Streaming from Selkirk since 12-Sept-2021