Lake County Public Safety
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Public Safety

Lake County, Montana

Centrally located in Ronan, MT we are recieving all public safety channels on a J-Pole antenna mounted 25 feet above ground level through a Radio Shack Pro-71 scanner and processed through Broadcastify software on a Windows OS computer with battery backup and streamed back to you through the stars on SpaceX Starlink internet connection to your listening device.

Channel Scan List

*Bold denotes primary dispatch channel

Channel Category Description Channel Online
LCF429 Fire Lake County Fire Dispatch 1
LCSO467 Police Lake County Sheirffs Office 5
BIA-Police Police CSKT Tribal Police 6
LCA214 EMS Lake County EMS Dispatch 3
BIA-FIRE Fire CSKT Tribal Fire Dispatch (Simplex) [Seasonal] 4
SWAN Multi Lake County SWAN Valley Repeater (Poor Reception) -
POLSON Police City of Polson Police Dispatch 7
RONAN Police City of Ronan Police Dispatch 8
MISSION Police City of St Ignatius Police Dispatch 9
RED Fire Fire - State Wide Mutual Aid - Fire Ground 10
ARLEE Multi South Lake County multi purpose dispatch 11
PCFD Tac City of Polson Fire Department 12/13
PRFD Tac Polson Rural Fire Department 14/15
RFD Tac Ronan Fire Department 2
CFD Tac Charlo Fire Department 16/17
MFD Tac Mission Fire Department 18
FPFD Tac Finley Point Fire Department 19