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Monitoring dispatch talkgroups for the Statewide Traffic Management Center. Feed is most active Monday-Friday during daytime hours.

Dispatch for ODOT crews responding to freeway incidents in major metro areas around the State of Ohio. The following talkgroups will be broadcast on this feed.

System: Ohio MARCS


53030 - D02-FSP (Toledo)
53011 - D04-FSP (Akron)
53020 - D06-FSP (Columbus)
53034 - D07-FSP (Dayton)
53039 - D08-FSP (Cincinnati)
53067 - D12-FSP (Cleveland)

Some garage ODOT operations and Law Enforcement may occasionally key up on the dispatch talkgroups to request ODOT freeway units, but no ODOT or LE Tac talkgroups will be broadcast on this feed.

These talkgroups are most active M-F during AM & PM rush.

Feed is provided by an SDS200 fed into a Sony Vaio and broadcasted using Proscan.