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Volusia County TRS talkgroups on this feed *VCSO LE 5 PD dispatch for Port Orange, S Daytona, Ponce Inlet, and Daytona Beach Shores police departments *LE 1 Beach Patrol law enforcement dispatch *Air One and other mutual aid and interop Sometimes LE 7

The talkgroups on the Volusia County EDACS system it streams are the following.

01-052 A VCSO LE 5 Port Orange PD, South Daytona PD, Ponce Inlet PD, Daytona Beach Shores PD  Law Dispatch  Units on this channel will be talking to CENTRAL  Units starting with "1" are VCSO, "2" are Beach Patrol", "4" are Daytona Beach Shores, "12" are Port Orange, "13" are Ponce Inlet, and "15" is South Daytona.

01-050 A VCSO LE 1 VC Beach Patrol  Law Dispatch Beach Patrol Units on this channel ID as "2-BEACH" and talk to CENTRAL

12-031 A BchPatrl Wid Patrol-Wide Interop

01-153 A VCSO Intcity Intercity (Repeats 155.37)  Interop  You will hear counties and agencies ID and talk to neighboring counties.  For instance "FHP to Volusia"

01-154 A VCSO Air One Air 1 Channel (Helos)[simulcast on 154.86 (PL 118.8)]  Interop  They ID this as the AIR ONE channel and you will hear the Volusia County helicopters and sometimes neighboring counties here.  If they say they are going to "seven hundred" or a similar number, that is a hospital.  If they say "back at AVIATION" that means on the ground at the Deland airport. 

01-155 A VC M/A PD1 Mutual Aid Police 1 Interop Sometimes they call this what sounds like "Maypole One" MAPOL1

01-156 A VC M/A PD2 Mutual Aid Police 2 Interop 

01-157 A VC M/A PD3 Mutual Aid Police 3 Interop 

15-004 A PSAP 1 PSAP 1 Interop

Sometimes LE 7 PD dispatch for VCSO District 3 South, Edgewater PD, New Smyrna Beach PD is patched in over night