Tom Green County Fire Dispatch
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Tom Green County Fire Dispatch channels: SAFD N, SAFD S, "Old" County Fire

Feed contains the following channels:

  • County Fire Dispatch North - 159.46500
  • County Fire Dispatch South - 155.18250
  • "Old" County Fire - 151.27250

Feed may, from time to time, include:

  • TGSO 1 - 155.70000


The San Angelo Police Department is 100% encrypted, while the Tom Green County Sheriff's Office only uses encryption on demand.  I think the scanner community as a whole would prefer law enforcement to not enable full-time encryption.  Blanket broadcasting of law enforcement frequencies/talkgroups online has been cited by agency officials across the US as a contributing factor for enabling full-time encryption of all law enforcement traffic.  Unless I can figure out a way to introduce a delay to the stream of at least 30 minutes, including the TGSO primary dispatch frequency in the feed will be at my discretion.