Kentucky State Police - Bowling Green
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KSP Post 3 - Bowling Green/CVE Region 2
KSP Post 3 - Bowling Green

Kentucky State Police Post 3 Allen, Barren, Butler, Edmonson, Hart, Logan, Simpson, and Warren.

Frequency  Input    
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
453.72500      KCS433  RM 285 NAC KSP03BBwlGrn 03B Bowling Green - Warren County  P25  Law Dispatch 
460.33750      KCS433  RM 285 NAC KSP03BRssvl 03B Russellville - Logan County  P25  Law Dispatch 
460.47500      KCS433  RM 285 NAC KSP03BMrgntn 03B Morgantown - Butler County  P25  Law Dispatch 
460.10000      KCS433  RM 285 NAC KSP03BRhoda 03B Rhoda - Edmonson County  P25  Law Dispatch 
460.03750      KCS433  RM 285 NAC KSP03BHrsCve 03B Horse Cave - Hart County  P25  Law Dispatch 
460.35000      KCS433  RM 285 NAC KSP03BSlvmne 03B Silvermine - Hart County  P25  Law Dispatch 
453.66250      KCQ754  RM 285 NAC KSP03BSctsvl 03B Scottsville - Allen County  P25  Law Dispatch