Mercer County Fire/EMS (East/North)
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Mercer County Dispatch including East and North towers broadcast from Jackson Center Fire Station.

Will be all mercer county fire stations, and ems agencies that use east and north towers.   

frequencies will be,   Equipment will be base radio from Jackson Center station 92 fire station so this will be a reliable feed and used by many in the county for out of area listening.  

453.32500  GrnvFire Dispatch - Greenville Area  Fire Dispatch

 453.40000  GCFire Dispatch - Grove City Area  Fire Dispatch 

453.15000  SLFire Dispatch - Sandy Lake Area  Fire Dispatch

453.72500  MercFire Dispatch - Mercer Area Fire Dispatch 

 453.07500 NortNorth Tower Fire Ops FMN Fire-Tac

 453.17500  Fire EastEast Tower Fire Ops Fire-Tac