Cranford Fire Operations
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Streaming the response and operations communications of the Cranford Fire Department. Dispatch occurs on a separate talkgroup. There will be no activity on the feed unless fire and/or paid EMS crews are actively on a call.

Cranford Fire Operations (County Fireground 6)
NJICS talkgroup 4629 - P25 Phase II

Cranford Fire provides full-time paid fire services to the Township of Cranford, as well as part-time paid first due EMS services Monday through Friday between 05:30 and 18:30 Eastern Time. Companies are dispatched on the County Fire Dispatch talkgroup on the NJICS Union County Simulcast. However, all responses and operations take place on their dedicaded operations talkgroup, County Fireground 6, which is what is heard on this feed. The department stables (3) Pierce engines, (1) Pierce 100ft rear mount truck, (1) Hahn heavy rescue, and (2) Horton Ford F550 ambulances to serve the 25,000 resident strong, 4.87sq mile township.

REMEMBER: Smoke Detectors and CO Detectors Save Lives! Install them properly and test them often!

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