KSEA / KPAE Area Airband
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A scan feed of mostly Western WA airband frequencies. Located about 20 mi NE of SeaTac airport. Let me know which freq's you like.

Relaying far and high aircraft comms mostly around western Washington along with early approach and outbound connects with Seattle Center. Let me know your frequency preferences. 

Scan =  "120.3 ZSE01", "123.90 KSEA App", "126.60 ZSE32", "127.05 ZSE31", "128.50 KPAE", "133.65 KSEA App"

Seattle Air Traffic Sector Map (Hosted by Seattle ARTCC)
















Powered by RTL_airband on a Raspberry Pi with an Airspy R2 w/bias tee enabled to an antennas.us/Myers Engineering filtered LNA at the antenna. About 500' elevation, located nearly 20 miles NE of SeaTac Airport.