Norfolk Southern Pocahontas District - West
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NS Pocahontas District West end from Williamson to Iaeger, WV and connected branch lines.

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Pocahontas District - West End

Lines of Coverage

NS Pocahontas District - Williamson (N469.7) to Iaeger (N422.3)
Defect Detectors: N456.4 (Lindsey) N441.6 (Glen Alum) N429.5 (Panther)
NS Gilbert Branch/Guyandot River Branch - Jerry (W0.6) to Hotwater Road (Elmore Yard) (GR0.5)
Defect Detectors: GR37.9 (Justice) GR26.3 (Indian Creek) GR11.5 (Pineville)
NS Buchanan Branch - Ought One (N445.0) to Hurley (D 11.4)
Defect Detectors: D 8.1 (Stopover)

Frequencies Monitored

AAR 076: NS Pocahontas District Road/Kenova Dispatcher (Williamson to Delorme)
AAR 036: NS Pocahontas District Road/Poca Dispatcher (Delorme to Bluefield)
AAR 072: NS Buchanan Branch Road/Mon Valley Dispatcher
AAR 022: NS Guyandot River Branch Road/New River Dispatcher

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