Bath, Peninsula and Richfield Police, Fire & EMS
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Bath Township PD & FD, Peninsula PD, Valley VFD & Richfield PD & FD

This feed is to provide Police and Fire from the Village of Peninsula, Richfield Township and Bath Township from the Ohio MARCS-IP P25 system. These areas are within the Cuyahoga Valley in Summit County, radio traffic is usually pretty light.

Police Talkgroups: 62607 - Bath PD Dispatch, 32835 - Peninsula PD Dispatch & 62864 - Richfield PD Dispatch

Fire/EMS Talgroups: 45565 - Valley JFD Dispatch, 45566 - Valley JFD Fireground 1, 45567 - Valley JFD Fireground 2, 62603 - Bath Fire Dispatch, 62856 - Richfield Fire Dispatch & 62857 - Richfield Firground 1 

Note: Valley JFD Dispatch provides Fire, EMS and Rescue to the Village of Peninsula, Boston Township & Boston Heights