Seymour Johnson Air Force Base (KGSB) Air Traffic
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My feed is a work in progress attempting to capture all pertinent comms at the airfield on SJAFB. There are 4 Fighter Squadrons currently operating at this airfield comprised of F-15E Strike Eagles.

  1. KGSB Ground 275.800 MHz
  2. KGSB Tower 370.875 MHz
  3. KGSB North Departure 290.900 MHz
  4. KGSB South Departure 273.600 MHz
  5. Washington Center 281.425, 279.650, 285.500 MHz
  6. KGSB Clearance Delivery 270.800 MHz
  7. KGSB Arrival 326.200
  8. Cherry Point Check-in 268.700 MHz
  9. Cherry Point Approach 360.775 MHz
  10. Echo Military Operations Area (MOA) Controller 263.150 MHz

The current setup is a work in progress. I'm using a BC125AT and rubber ducky antenna until I can get a VHF/UHF tuned aviation antenna. Hopefully that will make coms from the ground, in the MOAs, and other remote areas clearer. Notes and suggestions are welcome.