SFO Airport - KSFO and Oakland Center

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Includes Tower, Ground, Clearance, Ramps, NORCAL Approach, and Departure. Includes Oakland Center High and low Altitude. (Radio located in San Mateo County)

This feed uses a Barax Instreamer 100 & a Uniden BCT15X scanner.
The scanner location is in the hills of the city of San Mateo at about 500ft.

Currently, I am listenig to SF Airport & Oakland Center

SF Airport:

120.5000 Tower

121.8000 Ground

124.2500 Ground Alt

127.5750 Ramp East A & B Gates  

119.2250 Ramp West G & F Gates   

118.2000 Clearance Delevery

"Norcal Approach" and "Norcal Departure"

133.95000  Area B - SFO Arrivals - Boulder Sector (North/Southwest Arrival Feeder)

128.32500 Area B - SFO Arrivals - Cedar Sector (East Arrival High Feeder)

120.35000 Area B - SFO Arrivals - Foster Sector (SFO Rwy 28R Final)

128.57500 Area B - SFO Arrivals - Laguna Sector (South Arrival High Feeder)

134.50000 Area B - SFO Arrivals - Niles Sector (East Arrival Feeder)

135.65000 Area B - SFO Arrivals - Woodside Sector (SFO Rwy 28L Final)

120.90000 Area D - Bay Area Departures - Richmond Sector (East Departure)

135.10000 Area D - Bay Area Departures - Sutro Sector (West Departure)


Oakland Center See here: http://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/?aid=2236