Southwest Florida Amateur Radio Repeaters - Fort Myers
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Lee County Connected System (147.225/136.5/Cape Coral, 147.285/136.5/Bonita Springs, 147.345/136.5/Lehigh Acres, 224.520/136.5/Fort Myers, 443.800 /136.5/Fort Myers), Green/146.820/Estero FGCU, & Health Park Repeater/145.170/136.5/SW Fort Myers


NOTE: Amateur Radio is Fading Away in this area.   Repeater Use is minimal with many hours between transmissions.   

The following Repeaters can be heard here.  

  • #5 147.345+ 136.5  Yellow Area Repeater  Lehigh Med Ctr
  • #9 147.225+  136.5  Red Area Repeater   Cape EOC
  • #25 147.285+  136.5  W2PAX5  Bonita Springs FD
  • #35 443.800+  136.5   Fort Myers Area  
  • #42 146.745-   136.5   WX4E Punta Gorda
  • #54 444.975+  136.5   WX4E Punta Gorda
  • #81 224.520-  136.5  W2PAX  CenturyLink Bldg,  Fort Myers

Weekley Nets on This Feed

  • Southwest Florida Traffic Net  Monday Through Saturday 10am Eastern (Lee County)
  • The Sunshine Net (Charlotte County)
  • Pharmaceutical Net   Monday thru Sunday  9am (Lee County)
  • Loggerhead Net   Sunday  7:30pm* (Lee County)
  • Newbie Net   Monday    Around 8pm (Lee County)
  • ARES/ALERT Net   Wednesday 7pm (Lee County)
  • Buck And A Quarter Net   Wednesday  7:30pm (Lee County)
  • Cape Coral Gabfest   Thursday 8pm*  (Lee County)
  • CCFLARES | Charlotte County ARES   Wednesday 7:30PM  (Charlotte County)

*These Nets are on Secondary Channels, but will be Patched in Whenever Possible. 

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