Bernalillo County Police, Fire, and EMS
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This feed provides traffic from Bernalillo County law enforcement and State Police within the Bernalillo County District. Additionally Fire and EMS resources broadcast on this feed.

Below are links to reference material for APD 10 Code being utilized for communication as well as the universal standard EMS code (NAED) utilized by AFR/EMS. Other than utilizing the alpha tags from the broadcasting entity a quick way to differentiate between PD 10 Code or EMS code is the use of numerics versus the use of numerics and alpha characters. An easy example would be a vehicle accident with some injuries would be reported as a 10-45 or just a 45 by APD/BCSO and the responding AFR units would refer to this as a 29-B-1. Hope this is useful, scan on!

APD/BCSO 10 Code:

EMS Code: