BNSF Rail and CP Dispatch on the Staples Sub Server ...
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This feed is for rail fans and people interested in rail traffic. It picks up the signal from Perham where it is located to Detroit Lakes to Staples normally, depending upon what the radio propagation is like. Sometimes we hear further, sometimes not.

BNSF RAILROAD Scanner on the Staples Sub Server between CP1960 and CP1807 (and CP Dispatch)

These are the standard rail frequencies including 161.10850 and 160.710 and 161.520.  If the conditions are right we hear the CP dispatch in Detroit Lakes.  We are using a Radio Shack Pro 197 scanner into a Ringo Ranger 2m antenna at 55 feet in Perham, MN at milepost 189.5 on the Staples Sub Server.  We cover the areas between CP1807 and CP1960 but on good radio days, we can hear much further.  

The band plan we are using is from 159.57000  to  161.5725 and including all frequencies between.  Included are 896.88750  through  928.08125 and all frequencies between.