Quad Cities Area Public Works
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Quad Cities Area Public Works Davenport, IA Bettendorf, IA Bluegrass, IA Buffalo, IA Scott County, IA Rock Island, IL (City) Moline, IL East Moline, IL Milan, IL Rock Island County, IL


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FQK #   Favorite Name
      SQK #   System Name
            S/DQK #   Department Or Site Name
1   Davenport PW
      1   Davenport Public Works
            1   Davenport - East
            2   Davenport - North
            3   Davenport - West
2   Iowa State PW
      1   ISICS
            1   Muscatine/Scott Simulcast, Department of Public Safety - Area D
            2   Clinton, Department of Transportation - District 6
3   Scott Co PW
      1   Municipalities
4   Iowa Conventional
      1   Department of Transportation
5   Rock Island Co PW
      1   RICo Highway
      2   Municipalities and Districts
      3   Rock Island County
6   Moline PW
      1   Moline IL Public Works