Malibu Area Public Safety
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Greetings from Malibu! Home to the rich, famous, speedy and me. This feed is Malibu centric. Expect to hear L.A. County Fire, Sheriff & CHP. Much going on in town of 13,000 souls. Bearcat BCD996P2 In G-d we trust everyone else we monitor. EOM

Greetings all.  This feed originates from the Malibu Coast.  Good equipment, antenna and fiber internet.

Our goal is to keep folk in the know.

Oh and I'am a Journalist..crappy one.

123.0250 LA Helicoptors (where we get tipped off to the good suff)

482.9125 LASO DISPATCH (Malibu)

45.5200 CHP Southern (Malibu) Home to very very fast cars!

470.6125 Los Angeles County Fire (Malibu)
453.2625 Malibu CERT Group/Citywide system (note: Local Goverment Controlled)
45.4200 CHP Blue (Everything you need to know and high speed chases!)
485.9125 LASO DISPATCH Mobile.