Richmond Area Public Safety
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Hanover County Henrico County City of Richmond Fire/EMS Depts.

This feed includes the following:

Hanover County Fire and EMS- Dispatch and Tac Channels (Includes Public Safety/Sharred Channels)

Henrico County Division of Fire - Dispatch and Tac Channels (Includes Public Safety/Sharred Channels)

Richmond Fire and Richmond Ambulance Authority -  Dispatch and Tac Channels (Includes Public Safety/Sharred Channels)  


Due to technical errors, alpha tags are not available at this time. To help with understading what jursidiction is broadcasting, each department is part of a regional interoperability "agreement" with other agencies in the Richmond area . Each department in the Richmond area is assigned a number from 1 - 16. Each deartment number is listed below. This is why you hear the dispatchers call for Engine 401 instead of Engine 1. This will help you know what department is broadcasting and what apprtus is running. 

City of Richmond- 1

Henrico County- 3

Hanover County - 4


This feed is using a Uniden Bearcat BC796D Scanner that is scanning the simulcast systems for all the localities listed. Due to the simulcast system,  there is going to be distortions in the audio. I am trying to improve it but it will take time. Please let me know if there is any other issues by reporting a feed problem. You can also send a message via radio refrence with the user name Scout14. Thanks!