Fairfield County Fire/EMS
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All Fairfield County Fire and EMS agencies less Lancaster and Violet Twp.

Receives Clearcreek Twp Fire/EMS, Amanda Twp Fire/EMS, Berne Twp Fire/EMS, Bremen-Rushcreek Fire/EMS, Hocking Twp Fire/EMS, Bloom Twp Fire/EMS, Greenfield Twp Fire/EMS, Pleasant Twp Fire/EMS, Richland Twp Fire/EMS, Basil Joint Fire District Fire/EMS, Walnut Twp/Millersport Fire/EMS.

From Ohio Marcs-IP Millersport site, talk groups 16507-FD23DSP, 16511-23EMS1, 16502-23FIRE1, 16506-23FIRE2, 16510-23FIRE3.

NOTE: Because the Millersport site only covers the northeastern 1/3 of the county, some traffic on the non-dispatch talk groups may not be heard for incidents in other parts of the county.  This all depends on whether there are radios in the site's coverage area affiliated for those talk groups and is not under my control.  This is more likely to occur during slow times or overnight.  I apologize for this inconvenience.

Utilizing RTL-SDR devices and Trunk Recorder software.  Receiver located WNW of Baltimore.