Fire North Dispatch - Hebron, Richmond, Spring Grove...
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Fire North Departments in McHenry County, IL dispatched by MCSO (County) include Hebron, Richmond, Spring Grive, and Wonder Lake.

This feed monitors McHenry County Fire North dispatched by the Sheriff's Office. The following Starcom21 talk groups can be heard:

  • Shared Dispatch: 1143 (Patched to Analog 151.2575 MHz and 100.0 PL)
  • Fire North Tac 1: 1145
  • Hebron Local: 1147
  • Richmond Local: 1148
  • Spring Grove Local: 1149
  • Wonder Lake Local: 1150

We also transmit the following Fireground / Interoperability frequencies on this feed:

  • IFERN: 154.265 MHz / 210.7 PL