Tri-County Public Safety
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Peoria County, Tazewell County, Fulton County and other partial counties are covered, such as, Mason, Woodford, and McLean County. Digital where available.

Equipment: Uniden BCD536HP Digital Scanner 

Antenna: Currently replacing outdoor antenna. Feed might be a little noisy at times till the new one gets installed on 3/24 or 3/25



3/21/2021 - Taking my antenna mast down to replace antenna and to move it from the current location. The antenna I am replacing it with is 10x better than the one that is installed now and will provide for a clearer broadcast. I am also switching out the coax to a much thicker coax, which should improve the reception as well. Please bare with me during these 3 or 4 days.

3/13/2021 - Be sure to join my Telegram channel for alerts and news, at:

3/12/2021 - Feed will be going mostly digital and will include Alpha Tags by 3/19/2021. Feed will be shutdown for a couple hours during the switch over.

EDACS agencies are as follows: Pekin Police EDACS TG 02-041, Pekin Fire EDACS TG 02-061, Tazewell County Police and other agencies running on EDACS TG 02-021 which is as follows, Tazewll County PD, Deer Creek PD, Delevan PD, Green Valley PD, Hopedale PD, Makinaw PD, Marquette Heights PD, Minier PD, North Pekin PD, South Pekin PD and Tremont PD.

Tazewell County Agencies

East Peoria PD/FD, Morton PD/FD, Marquette Heights FD, Creve Coeur PD/FD, North Pekin FD, Cincinatti Township FD, Northern Tazewell FD, Hopedale FD, Minier FD, Tremont FD, Mackinaw FD, North Pekin FD, South Pekin FD - More to be listed

Peoria County Agencies

Peoria PD/FD, Bartonville PD/FD, Dunlap FD, Peoria County PD - More to be listed

Fulton County Agencies

Right now Fulton County, Countywide fire departments are online. After antenna replacement, I should be adding more Fulton County channels. 


Tazewell County EMA

Peoria County ESDA

More coming...